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Both at work and at home we are exposed to more and more disharmonious radiation and electromagnetic stress.

Disruption of the biorhythm, reduction of melatonin production, weakening of the immune system as well as long-term stress and fatigue are the consequences.

Radio and EDP technologies have become indispensable in our lives.

Now it is up to us to make the use as agreeable as possible for everyone.

Our ZISANO OLEXA Disc will help you!

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ZISANO OLEXA S (radius of action: 7.5 m)

The ZISANO OLEXA was developed as a long-range interference suppressor against disharmonic radiation.

This includes essentially technical as well as natural disharmonies, such as earth radiation and cosmic radiation.

When using the ZISANO OLEXA, your entire energetic environment changes for the better. This means that the body gains a tremendous increase in energy.


With the use of the disc you are now in a harmonious vibrational space, which you will of course immediately perceive physically, depending on your state of health differently. Here, however, it can also come to unusual reactions due to the body detoxification, which, however, changes into a pleasant atmosphere. In case of reactions such as headaches or poor sleep, please increase the action radius of the disc for the time being. After getting used to it, please reduce it again.

Experience shows that the adaptation time until you feel the positive effect can take up to 4 months.

The effective area in 3D space covers a diameter of approx. 8m. Basically this is enough for flat or house. For larger objects you can of course place several ZISANO OLEXA in order to achieve full coverage.

Our beloved pets also benefit from the unique effect of our ZISANO OLEXA, they usually notice the positive effect immediately! Even plants increase growth depending on their location.

The ZISANO OLEXA Disc makes a significant contribution to promoting or regaining the well-being of humans and animals.


The technique is based on a synthetic, highly structured, informed crystal. The effect can never be lost due to the special unique technique. Unless the crystal is mechanically damaged. Therefore be careful, the disc is fragile!



Technical data:

Efficiency radius: 7.5 m

diameter: 10 cm

height: 1 cm

Box packaging: 19.5 x 19.2 x 3.5 cm


temperature should not exceed 50 °C!

Areas of application: wherever humans and animals are and where plants are.

With the ZISANO OLEXA Disc you create your own harmonious oasis!

Look out! Fragile, the effect is lost when damaged.


If you are looking for a solution against mobile phone radiation or radiation-free headphones, you will find it at WAVEEX!

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