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  • is suitable for humans, animals and plants
  • is the optimal protection against disharmonic radiation and electromagnetic pollution in your working and living area
  • supports and strengthens the immune system by changing the entire energetic environment
  • compensates negative health burdens caused by WLAN and mobile phone radiation, e-smog (from household appliances or high voltage pylons) 100% and thus positively supports our body
  • also harmonises pathogenic earth radiation, ionising radiation and radioactive background radiation


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In your own four walls, well-being and harmony are high on the list of priorities. The home should be the place where we can relax from a stressful day at work, be tempted back home from a long journey and be a place of well-being and happiness.
There are a lot of things - often inconspicuous things - that can have a negative effect on this harmony. More and more people suffer, mostly unconsciously, from exposures from technically caused electromagnetic, magnetic and electric fields. This also includes natural disharmonies, such as earth radiation and cosmic radiation, as well as pathogenic earth radiation and ionising radiation.

These days, no household should be without technical devices such as WLAN routers, smartphones, laptops and the like. Mobile devices that communicate with each other, washing machines that can be controlled via an app, refrigerators that report when the milk has been consumed, etc.

The episodes
  • disturbance of the biorhythm
  • reduction of melatonin production
  • weakening of the immune system and
  • continuous stress and fatigue

For many people these disharmonies have a negative effect on the quality of sleep. In many bedrooms, the smartphone is placed on the bedside table, as it acts as an alarm clock. To be "sent" permanently, and right next to the headrest for the duration of the night, can be very difficult for the human organism. >/div>

Even at the workplace we are exposed to enormous disharmonic radiation and electromagnetic pollution every day. Just think of open-plan offices with countless PCs, WLAN routers and printers. This technology is necessary, but a permanent challenge for the body.

But unfortunately there are other sources besides Smartphone, Dect phones, Tablet and Co. which are not obvious. Here for example Bluetooth, WLAN, radar and 5G should be mentioned. But also the natural sources of radiation, such as earth radiation or water veins can negatively affect our biorhythm. We are responsible for our own health, so it is up to us alone how we react to these changes.
With the help of the ZISANO Olexa the use of the mentioned devices (smartphone, WLAN router, etc.) cannot negatively influence our organism, on the contrary. The technical and natural disharmonic rays, as well as electromagnetic pollution, as well as earth radiation and cosmic rays, water veins, grids, etc. are made compatible for our body.

There are more and more people who react sensitively to e-smog and suffer from disharmonic stress. This is exactly where the ZISANO Olexa can be used and help these people to lead a stress-free and light-hearted life.

possibilities of application:
flat, smaller house, smaller office
garden and with animals (see below)
The effective area in 3D space covers a radius of about 7.5 meters, which means it is sufficient for an apartment or smaller house.
possible side effects:
The reactions may vary depending on the state of health. The body detoxification can cause short-term headaches (about 80% of our previous customers gave us this feedback) or poor sleep (because our body gets more energy delivered).
It is not uncommon for these "complaints" to occur, this usually happens when the body starts to detoxify, whether through dietary changes, fasting cures or similar. If this is the case, simply increase the range of action of Zisano Olexa for the time being, in order to slowly accustom the body to the - later beneficial - atmosphere. You can also place the Olexa at an angle and, after the acclimatisation phase, lay it horizontally again. Because of the inclined position the effect is only about 15%, this has to do with the angle of radiation. Just try it out slowly, every body reacts differently.
The beginning of the positive effect can take up to 4 months, but you will notice the changes in yourself and your loved ones and will not want to miss them anymore.
Olexa is fragile and if damaged the effect is lost
temperature: up to maximum 90°C
Technical data:
Olexa consists of a silicon crystal with almost 100% purity. Since silicon is a perfect storage medium, the effect can never be lost due to the special unique technology.
Material: plate of aluminium with glued-on silicon crystal
delivery in an anthracite coloured wooden box

Create a harmonious oasis for yourself and your family!

well-being for humans, plants and animals!
If you are looking for a solution against mobile phone radiation or radiation-free headphones, you will find it at WAVEEX!
customer experience:
report from a customer:
cultivation of hemp plants, for the production of CBD products.
Test period: approx. 2 months with Olexa X
result: up to 50% less water consumption, 50% less fertilizer, 30% better quality
In general, plants around the plate will thrive more quickly and the frequency of flowering may increase. For example, a gardener has reported that his roses flower up to 3 times within one season.
review of a beekeeper:
 We could help a beekeeper from Judenburg (Styria) with our ZISANO Olexa. His bees had lost their orientation due to an upgrade of a cell phone tower near the beehives. The beekeeper had to relocate the bees elsewhere to maintain the population. We placed 3 panels around the affected area and within a few weeks, we were able to increase the energy value tenfold. The resettled bees have reproduced rapidly and are in excellent health.
After 10 months we can still say that the energy value is constant - i.e. increased tenfold.
Here the link to our video: https://www.zisano.at/biene-2/
report of an rider:
 Application to horses (October 2018 - March 2019)

horse: Flylight (gelding, 9 years old, 1,67m stick size, former show jumper)

Rider: Stephan P.

Location: Kreuttal

After another fall on September 23, 2018 in the riding hall, it was clearly evident that a change was needed to limit the increasing risk of injury to the rider due to the dangerous behaviour of the horse.

When you are on the verge of letting the behaviour of your animal spoil a nice leisure activity, you start to look for the causes. If these cannot be remedied by a veterinarian or by a specific training program, efficient alternatives must be found.

The apple grey was purchased by the current owner in mid-May 2018 and was put to work in a riding stable in the Kreut Valley. After initially good experiences with the new horse, all those involved noticed that there were incidents and falls (probably due to a mixture of fright and resistance against the rider).

crossing, humping and rising occurred in ever shorter intervals. I myself fell four times in autumn alone. The matter became more and more unpredictable, so that the second fellow rider decided in October not to ride this horse in the future.

After I had received the small Zisano badge in October and used it for riding (first in my jacket pocket, then directly on the saddlecloth), there were clear improvements from week to week.

The horse became calmer and more balanced in the following weeks. He was less tense in the back area, thus more free in his gait and more accessible in accepting the aids.

The head banging when taking up the reins has completely disappeared since then and has never occurred again.

The startle-factor decreased and the gelding was also very sociable when grooming in the stall or in the stable alley. However, it was no longer the apathetic manner he had shown in summer, but his behaviour changed to a more attentive form of calmness. He no longer pushed in the box, pushed me against the wall unintentionally or lost his balance out of inattention when lifting one of his legs.

I first assumed that the changes could be due to the falling outside temperatures. However, my own experiences of the past years and observations of other horses in the stable had not been able to confirm this.

I could not see any further improvement by placing the large Zisano plate in the stable from Christmas onwards, as the permanent change of circumstances (weather, type of training, season, etc.) prevented meaningful observation. To what extent this further supported the effect of the small plaque, which was only used directly during riding, cannot be seriously explained here.

The effects on the horses accommodated in the surrounding boxes are unfortunately not documented and cannot be ascertained by the owners and riders of these boxes at the present time due to the circumstances.

The effect on the rider should not be underestimated. During the time I had the badge with me or attached it to the horse, it simply gave me more pleasure to ride the horse. I was more relaxed, optimistic and in a better mood. I took more time to warm him up extensively, worked with him for longer and probably paid more attention to him in the preparation and follow-up on the respective days.

A differentiation between direct and indirect improvement is therefore not possible and in my opinion not necessary.

It is quite clear that animals and humans have a positive influence on each other and that the advantages manifest themselves much more clearly.

After I stopped using the Zisano products at the beginning of February, the effect slowly faded away. The horse started to fight more and more against the rider again.

On March 2, the time had come. After a small irritation by a passing child Flylight went through the dressage arena uncontrolled and could not be stopped. Over two full rounds in a humping rodeo style I was able to stay in the saddle, after that I landed rudely in the sand. The trust in our horse, which is now scratched again, hurts me more than the back pain and the bruises that this relapse has caused me in my previous behaviour.

Unfortunately, the horse was also slightly injured and the farrier had to reattach the iron that it had kicked itself down properly.

The conclusion from the last months is simple and obvious:

Through the positive influence on horse and rider, the risk of injury for horse and rider was significantly reduced during the test phase. I was able to enjoy the time I was allowed to spend with and on the horse more. The application resulted in an improvement in both the sporting progress and the recreational value for horse and rider.

With long rides in the sunshine and a lot of patience in the last few weeks, a similar condition to the one at the time of the Zisano application could be achieved again.

In order to maintain it evenly throughout the year, the use of Zisano products seems reasonable. In addition, there is also a financial advantage if you can save vet or farrier costs, not to mention a pair of breeches torn by falls.

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