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ZISANO JUVELO is the vital jewellery pendant for the ZISANO Chip.

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Attention: Only pendants with chain without ZISANO Chip!

ZISANO JUVELO is the vital jewellery pendant for more vitality, energy and well-being. Due to the immune power increase it is a real energetic fountain of youth for all bio-organisms. It protects your body field from any disharmonic radiation. An absolute must for all electrosmog sensitive people, as well as people who are exposed to ionizing radiation (radioactivity, X-rays). The technique is based on an artificially produced crystal with almost 100% purity. This means that the functional result is 100% reproducible for every piece of jewellery. The protection range is 4m diameter.

A fashionable accessory that protects our body from disharmonic, energetic radiation. More and more people complain about exhaustion, listlessness, irritability, nervousness, tiredness and much more.

However, the causes can often not be found and treated on a physical level, because the backgrounds take place on an energetic level, the true cause of illness or health. Energy physicians and therapists who work holistically know what this is all about.

Our ZISANO Chip harmonizes this influence 100% and protects the bio-organism from these radiations. The result is more energy and well-being.

As soon as you wear the ZISANO Chip on your body, your entire body field changes back to the original state of nature. This of course has consequences and may be unpleasant at first. The body begins to detoxify immediately through an increase in vital energy! If, for example, headaches or sleep disorders occur, remove the pendant and wear it only temporarily until the organism has become accustomed to it. In the end you will not want to miss the ZISANO Chip anymore!

If, however, you are in top form and only radiate energy, you will not notice anything, more than being healthy is not possible! In this case  ZISANO Chip serves as prophylaxis.

Of course, the tag can also be used for animals and plants, because they are affected just as we humans are.

The function is never lost due to our worldwide unique technology.



Technical data:
Chain: 900x3mm

Diameter: 35mm
Thickness : 5mm
Material: polished stainless steel

The crystal carrier is hinged.
The front of the crystal is polished.

Attention: Our ZISANO Chip is very fragile! In case of damage the pendant loses its effect!

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