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 Zisano Infinito 

  • restores the natural order in food products and
  • supports food in such a way that it regains its full organic quality
  • vitalizes the drinking water
  • harmonizes herbicides and pesticides in the refrigerator and re-energizes the products stored in it
  • serves as a coaster for water and drinks, fruit baskets, flower pots.

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Many people now enjoy various products with which they can vitalize their water or food. Semi-precious stones are really great from the basic idea, but unfortunately they lose their effect after a while. The "flower of life" is a geometric symbol that most people who deal with topics such as water revitalization or energetics know.
At this point it must be said that the flower of life continues to vitalize the water, but no longer in the right proportion to the earth frequency. Since the symbol has remained constant, but while the earth frequencies have changed in recent years, this symbol is no longer "up to date".
ZISANO Infinito however, has been optimized exactly to the current conditions and can support our bio-organism with the perfect vibration energy.

possibilities of application:
    • vitalization of drinking water, also optimally suited for watering plants
    • upgrading of food


  • fresh-keeping function in the refrigerator
  • vitalization of your bath water
  • improvement in the taste of alcoholic beverages
  • vitalization for your creams, lotions, etc.


A beautiful and valuable gift!

Technical data:
High-quality non-toxic glass - Caution fragile
Dimensions: 100 x 10 mm
temperature range: max. 95 °C
application time: at least 1 minute

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