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  • is suitable for woman, child, man and animal
  • dissolves blockages in the meridian system and has an analgesic effect
  • can be attached directly to the painful area in case of pain
  • protects the body from any disharmonic radiation
  • provides general well-being when worn continuously and increases balance and stability
  • never loses its effect and should therefore not be missing in any medicine cabinet or travel kit!


    The ZISANO chip comes with a 90 day money back guarantee!

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The ZISANO chip is a special crystal made of almost pure silicon, which works via harmonic vibrations and helps the human organism to regain balance, stability and well-being. The chip also supports your body in reactivating its self-healing powers by releasing energetic blockages. Here too, these vibrations have a beneficial and pain-relieving effect on the healing process.
At the same time, the immune system is strengthened - an important and positive feature especially in the flu season (the corona virus should also be mentioned here) - and by increasing the body's energy, your body also begins to detoxify more quickly.
If you wear the ZISANO Chip regularly, harmful substances are excreted up to 1 ½ times faster.
Nowadays, more and more people complain about listlessness, nervousness, tiredness, exhaustion and much more. Constant stress, pressure and permanent strain have a negative effect on the entire biorhythm. Often, however, no causes can be found on a physical level and therefore cannot be treated.
Holistic bodywork should play a more essential role in our society, because the background of the above mentioned disease patterns can often be found on an energetic level. Due to the drastic change of our entire environment, we are permanently exposed to artificial, electromagnetic waves of any kind. These include Wlan mobile phone radiation, 5G technology, geopathic stress, ionizing radiation, etc. Through this constant exposure our natural biological magnetic field, which directs our biorhythm, is disturbed. If our body is negatively influenced by technical frequencies, this leads to a strong strain and weakening of our immune system and this in turn can be a trigger for various physical complaints.
The ZISANO chip protects your body from any disharmonic radiation (Wlan mobile phone radiation, 5G radiation, E-smog, radiation from electronic devices, etc.) by harmonizing these negative stressors 100%. This chip is an absolute must-have especially for people who are electro-sensitive or who are regularly exposed to ionizing radiation (radioactivity, X-rays) due to their jobs. Increased well-being and more energy are the positive consequences.
Application: The application is simple. The ZISANO Chip works positively energetically and can be applied - either with a kinesiologic tape or with a conventional plaster - directly or next to the painful body part. If necessary, several chips can be applied to the body at the same time, with the only exception of the head. The chip can be used on both sides. The chip also works on the same principle in animals.
Duration of application: At least until the symptoms disappear. In the best case, however, you wear it on your body all the time. We have developed special jewelry settings for this purpose and there is also a practical protective cover, our ZISANO Protecto, which you can slip into your pocket! Here the chip serves as a prophylaxis and helps your body detoxify more quickly.
Possible applications: Here is a small excerpt of the pain, when the chip can be used beneficially: Arthritis, abdominal pain, inflammation, colds, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine, muscle pain, menstrual problems, (neck) tension, restless legs syndrome, rheumatism, back problems, various sports injuries, tennis elbow, toothache, pulled muscles and much more. Of course, the chip can also be used for all other pains. If you are uncertain where exactly the chip should be affixed, our meridian database will help you.
Possible side effects: In principle none Rarely and only on first application: Headaches, diarrhoea, slight nausea, sleep disturbances (if this is the case, please wear the chip only temporarily and thus slowly accustom your organism to the original state of nature) These symptoms occur because the body immediately reacts to the chip and begins detoxification.
cleaning: lukewarm, clear water - no chemical detergents, please Careful: The ZISANO chip is very fragile, i.e. it cannot survive an impact on e.g. hard tile or stone floors!
Technical data: The protection area is within a radius of 4 meters, which means: When wearing the chip, your body is protected against disharmonic stress within a radius of 4 meters. 32mm diameter, 3mm thickness The chip consists of almost 100% pure silicon. Silicon is an excellent storage medium, so the function of the chip can be permanently guaranteed. This means that this worldwide unique technology is never lost. In contrast to half.



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