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ZISANO solves energetic blockages in the meridian system, which are responsible for the pain.

Harmonic vibrations soothingly and pain-relieving support the healing process.

ZISANO solves pain of any kind! Good-bye pain!

The ZISANO chip is suitable for everyone, including children.

You want to help your beloved pet with pain?

Even in animals ZISANO acts on the same principle!


3,2cm diameter

In stock


The ZISANO chip is a special silicon crystal for more vitality, energy and well-being. Due to the immune system, it is a true fountain of youth for all bio-organisms. It protects your body from inharmonic radiation. An absolute must for all electrosmog-sensitive persons as well as for persons who are exposed to ionizing radiation (radioactivity, X-rays). The technique is based on an artificially manufactured crystal with a purity of almost 100%. Thus, the functional result for each piece of jewelry is 100% reproducible. The protection range is 4m diameter

A fashion accessory that protects our body from disharmonic, energetic radiation. More and more people complain of tiredness, listlessness, irritability, nervousness, tiredness and much more.

However, the causes can often not be found and treated on a physical level as the background is played at the energetic level, the true cause of illness or health. Energy therapists and therapists who work holistically know what it's all about.

Our ZISANO chip harmonizes this influence 100% and protects the bio-organism from these radiations. The result is more energy and well-being.

Once you carry the ZISANO chip on your body, your entire body field returns to its original state of nature. Of course this has consequences and can be uncomfortable for the first time. The body begins to detoxify immediately by increasing the life energy! Should be e.g. Headaches, sleep disturbances occur, then remove the pendant and wear it only temporarily, until the organism has become accustomed to it. Ultimately, you will not want to miss the ZISANO chip!

However, if you are in top shape and only then emit energy, you will notice nothing, it can not be more than healthy! In this case, the ZISANO chip is used for prophylaxis.

The function is never lost by our unique technology.

The ZISANO chip can easily be attached to any part of the body with a conventional plaster. When used with

A Kinesioband strengthens the soothing effects considerably. ZISANO can be used on both sides.

Simply attach to or near the aching body.

You can also apply several chips to the body at once, except on the head.

Duration of use: Until the symptoms have disappeared. But best always on the body.

For this we have developed special jewelry frames.

You can use the chip carefree, the ZISANO chip has a positive energetic effect!

We use high-purity crystals, they never lose their effect!

The ZISANO chip belongs in every living and first aid kit!

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