ZISANO Aqua Vivas Chip S

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What is the Aqua Vivas chip for?

In the round sticker is the Aqua Vivas Chip, this is an informed crystal that helps to regenerate our water and bring it to life.

Through this living water, the metabolism is greatly optimized and the cells adenosine triphosphate (ATP), in short, our life force generated.

In contrast to semi-precious stones, however, the effect of the Aqua Vivas chip is never lost.

Aqua Vivas S: Diameter: 2,0 cm

* Dishwasher suitable!

* Self-adhesive, please press firmly to the vessel when attaching the chip

* The packaging contains an alcohol swab to clean the surfaces



* Bottles (glass, ceramics or plastic)

* Fruit bowls

* Water jugs

* Flower vases

* Smoothie Shaker

* Watering cans, etc.


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