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Welcome to our Online Shop

Here you will find health related products.It is very important to us that you have an alternative to conventional medication and pharmaceuticals. ZISANO products have unique properties that contribute to a healthy, painless, radiant and happy life. Pain relief, energizing, harmonization and water vitalization are our main topics.

Joint pain - very quickly resolved

Whether for headaches or joint pains, my experiences with the Zisano chip are very positive.

    Low back pain - in the morning extensive relief of pain

    Whether for gardening or different Zipperleins, the Zisano Chip works!

      Powerband - more energy in everyday life

      The Powerband gives me a lot of energy for everyday life!

        shoulder pain

        There is nothing comparable to the Zisano chip!

          shoulder pain

          If my shoulder pain reapears I place two Zisano chips on my aching spots. It helps me alot.

            wrist pain

            Wrist pain no longer needs to be accepted! A new attitude to life without constant wrist pain? Yes, that is possible! Stick on the Zisano chip and walk through everyday life again without pain!


              For pain in the shoulder, head and knee, the Zisano chip really helps here, instead of the medicinal chemistry.


                I almost felt like newborn with the Zisano Chip !


                  The Zisano Chip is a miracle !

                    head and neckpain

                    With the Zisano Chip all my head and neckaches are gone!


                      With the Zisano Chip i spared expensive infousions and operations, i really appreciate the existence of Zisano !

                        menstural pain

                        I use the Chip for my menstrual pain and it really helps reducing my ache.


                          I use the chip frequently, it gives me alot of energy.

                            knee pain

                            When i go skeeing it is perfect for alleviate pain and keep going


                              Since i got the zisano chip i use it for my reapering headaches.

                                neck pain

                                I use the Zisano Chip also for the well known office illness and it helps everytime.


                                  I have used the chip on 800 people so far, if it doesn´t help, they can bring it back but i never got one back !

                                    achilles tendonitis

                                    Putting the chip on for 10 minutes always works for me when i have aching spots.

                                      carpal tunnel syndrome

                                      I assemble the chip always over night.

                                        hand operation

                                        If i hold the chip on my operated hand the pain goes away after a while.

                                          gardenwork backpain

                                          It even helps with my garden work ! No more backpain, i love it !

                                            coughing fits

                                            If i get my choughing fits, i place the chip on my chest. It really helps.

                                              restless leg syndrome

                                              The chip helps me with my aching areas and also with handling my restless leg.

                                                kid headaches

                                                If my kids have headaches, i place the zisano chip on their foreheads and they start to feel better almost immediately.

                                                  neck and shoulder aches

                                                  Awesome !  I just have to place the chip on my aching areas and the pain flies away.

                                                    severe pain

                                                    I can recommend the chip to annyone !


                                                      When headaches appear i just apply the zisano chip!


                                                        If you need support with curing your backpain, this chip certainly will help.

                                                          lumbar vertebrae surgery

                                                          The chip helps me a lot with my hip pain !

                                                            neck pain

                                                            Just try it out, it really works !

                                                              Vienna 1894

                                                              The chip helps our team a lot in coping with pain-related problems.

                                                                shoulders and back

                                                                I am very satisfied with the zisano chip!


                                                                  The Zisano Chip is awesome !

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